Resto Brunch

So I had 2 wonderful friends visit me this weekend and we spent our Saturday night catching up over many great beers at Zum Schnieder and DBA. We woke up on Sunday at 1:00!! I haven't slept that late in ages! We were not feeling too hot to say the least and needed a good brunch to recover.

We didn't want to travel far so I suggested just walking up to Penelope. As we got about a block away, we could already see the line of people waiting outside. We decided to make a detour and headed to Resto.

We walked in and got a great table in the back. The place was full but not packed. We all felt like a little hair of the dog would make us feel better so we got some mimosas.

My friend got a regular one with fresh squeezed orange juice.

The acidity of OJ always bothers my stomach so I got one with pineapple juice. This was one of the best mimosas I've ever had.

For my meal I decided to get the Egg White Frittata.

This was the first fritatta I'd ever eaten. It was good but boring. It just needed something more. Eating a big thing of egg whites isn't too satisfying. If they had put some meat or cheese inside it would have been better.

Mr. T opted for their burger which has gotten some high ratings from the food critics in NYC.

At first glance the burger looked small and uninteresting. What it actually was so though was rich and decadent. The meat is composed of hanger steak, beef cheek and fatback. The result is something so intense in flavor that Mr. T couldn't even come close to finishing the burger.

Our other entree I think was the overall winner- the Croque Madame.

This came with Vermont ham and Gruyere cheese. It was tasty and filling. A perfect brunch item that I would go back for in a minute.

I really liked Resto. We actually are meeting friends there for dinner on Thursday so we'll see how it goes. They have tons of Belgian beers I'm excited to try and the dessert looks amazing!