Le Croque- L'Express

L'Express has been on our restaurant to do list for about 6 years now. When Mr. T first came to the city to look for apartments the broker took him by this place. He enticed him to the neighborhood with the incentive of a 24 hour restaurant at all times. I guess he figured a young couple like us would be hitting up the bar scene right away, needing food at all hours of the night.

Bless you broker, for believing that a junior software developer and a non-for-profit social worker could afford a night out on the town, much less have money for food afterwards!

In fact, the largest expense our first year in the city was on a set of ping pong balls! We would take the train down to Kmart and pick up a couple cheap 12 packs of beer and then come back to our apartment and play beer pong. Our apartment had no furniture, so we would sit on the floor of our living room and bounce the ball back and forth trying to land it in a cup of beer.

This was a great cheap way to pass the weekend until we discovered our superintendent lived below us. It seems he didn't appreciate the tap, tap, tapping sound coming from his ceiling every Friday night and our games soon ended.

Now we are much older and have more money (or maybe just more credit cards?) and L'Express has become a reliable neighborhood joint for us. We didn't feel like going out so we decided to order a Croque Monsieur in.

This sandwich is amazing. Look at all that cheese!!! The bread itself is so fresh I wouldn't be surprised if they made it daily. It's nice they give you a huge salad with the sandwich so you don't feel so bad about eating all that artery clogging cheese.

This croque is one of the best in the city. If they put maybe one more slice of ham inside it would be perfect but other than that this is a great sandwich.

If you're new to the city and broke- splurge the $10 for this sandwich. I'm sure it would taste great after a night of beer pong!


LBF said…
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the croque at L'Express! I've tried others elsewhere, and nothing compares! Great pics, as well! :)
Tasty Trekker said…
Thanks! I've tried some others too but nothing even comes close to this one. I might try to re-create it at home. We'll see what happens!