Boston- Jm Curley

Our last day in Boston was spent at the Seaport World Trade Center for Session II of Extreme Beer Fest.  It was our first time at this festival and while it didn't quite reach the greatness of Copenhagen Beer Celebration or the insanity of Hunahpu Day; it was a fun, well run event with lots of great beers and great people.  The session ended right around 4:00 so we hopped in a cab and went straight to Jm Curleys, hoping to find a burger that would actually satisfy our craving from the day before.

We both ordered the 5 oz Griddled Burger dressed with grilled onions, cheddar cheese, pop's Russian dressing and pickles.  There's nothing fancy going on here just simple goodness; an insanely juicy patty with big beefy flavor, great toppings and a soft toasted bun perfect for keeping everything together.  We absolutely demolished these.

The Mac & Cheese was also delicious; cooked in a cast iron skillet giving the edges a crisp bubbly exterior while keeping the middle hot and creamy.

Jm Curley had some great beer on the draft list like Maine Lunch and Hoponious Union but after a beerfest like that I was feeling something crisp and easy.  Ta-Da...the champagne of beers!  It was a great lunch to cap off the weekend before heading back to NYC.

Jm Curley
21 Temple Place
Boston, MA 02111