Boston- Row 34

It's so wonderful to find a restaurant while traveling that just feels like a place to call home. In Copenhagen it was Manfred's and Vin, London J. Sheekey, Philadelphia the sadly departed Matyson and now Row 34 in Boston.  As soon as I saw their mantra I knew I was in love "If we could eat oysters and drink beer for every meal period, we probably would."  Well of course!

Let's talk about these oysters; so plump and fresh with a gorgeous vinaigrette.  I must have sucked down at least two dozen of these beauties while we were visiting. And oysters are just a tiny part of their incredible raw bar, there's also Scallop Crudo with black sesame and chili oil...

An entire section of Smoked & Cured Fish including this incredible smoked Uni Toast...

...and one insanely delicious Lobster Roll chock full of meat served warm with butter. 

We loved this place so much we had dinner and drinks Thursday night around 9:00 and were back again by 5:00 the next day ordering more incredible seafood into the wee hours of the night.  And let's talk about that beer list; The Bruery So Happens It's Tuesday, Trillium Pot & Kettle Medium Roast and Omnipollo Ras Soft Citra were just a few of the incredible brews on their list.

And of course the ridiculously rich, creamy Butterscotch Pudding with puffed rice perfect for closing out the night. 

383 Congress Street
Boston, MA 02210 


Ridiculously fabulous post. Beautiful photos. My eyes are full. Row 34 is first on my list when I get to town.
Roze said…
It is absolutely fabulous in every way- I wish I was back there!