Tastes of Doughnut Plant Japan

The tastes of Japan are currently taking over the menu at Doughnut Plants around the city in all kinds of wonderful creations.

There are five different flavors: Black Sesame, Green Tea, Shiso, Azuki & Kinako and Yuzu all available as the big fluffy yeast doughnuts, the more compact cake doughnuts or the stuffed doughseeds. 

We checked out the Black Sesame and Yuzu doughseed in addition to our regular Creme Brulee order.  All three were covered in a thick delicious glaze then stuffed full with sour yuzu cream, rich black sesame and creamy custard.

All three were delicious but the yuzu stole my heart.  Ahhhh...Mornings that begin with Doughnut Plant can never be bad. 

Various locations throughout NYC