The Truffle Burger at Umami

The first time I ate at Umami Burger the glorious truffle aroma from my neighbor's burger almost caused me to fall off my bar stool. I had already ordered the standard Umami Burger (which was excellent) but oh I wanted that truffle burger so badly.  I can't believe it's been so long but Mr. T and I finally stopped in last week so I could have my truffle moment.

The burger arrived on their standard Portuguese Roll, toasted with just a touch of butter and of course the Umami stamp on top.  All their burgers are cooked medium rare (more towards rare then medium) but the truffle burger also has truffle aioli, truffle cheese and a truffle glaze on top bringing this into supreme truffle burger status.

The combination of juicy burger, sauce and melted cheese made this such a messy burger I was thankful to only be eating with Mr. T.  Deep down I didn't care though; a messy face would be completely worth it for this magnificent truffle bomb.  Mr. T tried a bite and found the flavor too rich (he's not a truffle fiend like me) but was more than happy with the standard Umami Burger.

We skipped the truffle fries (that would have been truffle overland) and got the standard which are always crisp and delicious.  Besides their homemade ketchup (which I despise) this continues to be a quick, affordable meal in Greenwich Village that always delivers.

432 6th Avenue at 10th Street
New York, NY 10011