Lunch at Hatsuhana

Hatsuhana is one of NYC's longest running sushi restaurants.  It opened in 1976 and over the past four decades their mission has remained the same; creating the perfect sushi rice and obtaining the freshest fish from around the globe.  My last meal was at the Park Avenue location about four years ago so this visit was way overdue.  I stopped in at right around noon and the space was already filled with a mix of business men and women from the surrounding area.  Luckily I was able to get the last seat at the upstairs sushi bar and ordered the Sushi Lunch which comes with 5 pieces of sushi, choice of two rolls and miso soup or salad.

I ordered a Spicy Tuna and Yellowtail Scallion roll, then requested no salmon due to my allergy which was happily accommodated with another piece of luscious tuna.

The fish was served on a long Hawaiian Ti Leaf, expertly cut by the chef's behind the bar and so incredibly tender certain pieces seemed to melt.  This was some of the freshest sushi I've had in the city and the simple comfortable setting allowed the entire experience to be just about the fish.  Hatsuhana continues to be one of the top sushi resturants in NYC- 40 years and going strong.

17 East 48th Street at Madison
New York, NY 10017