The Happiest of Hours at the Mermaid Inn

We swung by Mermaid Inn last week to indulge in their seafood happy hour.  I usually order the $1 oysters but decided to switch it up with some Littleneck Clams.  

Mr. T went his usual route with a piping hot basket of Fried Calamari...

...then we split their delicious Lobster Sandwich with lots of mayo and super skinny fries.  I love how the Mermaid Inn always splits the dish for saves me from trying to sneak the bigger piece:) 

A meal at the Mermaid Inn is never complete without a free cup of chocolate pudding and the little fish fortune teller.

As usual Mr. T's fish flopped around in his hand while mine laid there dead.  I have no idea why those things never work for me.

Mermaid Inn is always a great choice for Happy Hour and for this week only it's been extended.  Starting tomorrow Happy Hour will run from 4:00-7:00 in the East Village... a whole extra hour to get happy!  

The Mermaid Inn