Restaurant Week at Cafe Boulud

I always try to eat somewhere new for Restaurant week but the one I must do every year is Cafe Boulud. Mr. T and I met up for a late lunch Friday and the place was absolutely packed.  Daniel himself was making the rounds and after about a 10 minute wait we were seated at a nice table in the back. After choosing a nice bottle of wine to we delved into the first course a Wild Arugula Salad  for him and Rock Shrimp Ceviche for me.

This was a nice summery starter with sweet slices of peach, lots of crunchy marcona almonds and big flakes of Parmesan cheese.

The ceviche was a nice play on spicy and sweet, dressed with a bright avocado foam and dotted with crispy fried chickpeas and jalapeno.  Onto entrees Mr. T ordered the Grilled leg of Lamb with pita bread, couscous and mint.

The lamb was cooked perfect with a little char on the top and a bright red juicy center.  He stuffed most of the meat into the pita with the spicy couscous and made himself a fancy Shawarma sandwich. 

My Blackened Hake with pommes puree, piperade and espelette jus was wonderful.  I loved the peppered rub on the fish and oh those potatoes...I'm sure there was about a pound of butter inside them but I don't care.  Those French always know how to make the best pommes puree.  

For dessert Mr. T's Poached Blueberry Shortbread with lemon foam and vanilla ice cream was a delicate and refreshing end to the meal...

...while my Salted Caramel Bavorios with toasted peanut, malted meringue and chocolate ice cream was the stuff dreams are made of.  Seriously...look at this center of salty, creamy goodness...

Of course no meal is complete at Cafe Boulud without the warm basket of lemony madelines, dusted with powdered sugar and perfect for nibbling alongside a hot cup of coffee.  

Cafe Boulud continues to be on the top of my list for restaurant week and beyond.  It's truly a gem to have a place of this comfort and caliber in the city.  I can't think of a better way to spend an afternoon.