Rocco's is one of my favorite little bakeries in the West Village.  I stop in about once a week for a two-bite Napoleon or some chewy Pignoli cookies.  Mr. T was with me on the last visit and we both stopped directly in front of this cake.  I'm not sure if it was the rainbow sprinkles on top or the big red interior but something about this cake just called to us.  We got home and dug in...excited about our newest delight from Rocco's. 

 The first bites were wonderful.  There were creamy layers of vanilla cheesecake alternating with Red Velvet cake and topped off with cool vanilla icing.  The cream in the cheesecake helped keep the Red Velvet moist so everything tasted incredibly fresh.  However after just a few bites the sugar really hit both of us.  My stomach started to grumble and I had that same sick feeling I used to get back in grade school after a Pixy Stix eating contest. 

So if you're looking for a serious sugar rush look no further than this cake.  As for us, we're back to Pignoli's and Napoleons.  Some things in life are so good, there's no need to change a thing.

Pasticceria Rocco


bluang3lbby said…
That looks so good! I need to make a trip to NY one day and try out some of these places!