A Burger and Barrel Brunch

I'm always on the lookout for a "manly" brunch for Mr. T...one without hoards of women waiting in line, loud conversations and general mid-day drunkeness...enter Burger and Barrel.

The restaurant was virtually empty when we arrived on Saturday and the AC was cranked up...perfect respite from the heat outside.  Carrie and I (having no problem with mid-day drunkeness) ordered some fruity Prosecco cocktails and went for the breakfast side of the menu...an enormous whole wheat Breakfast Burrito for her filled with mozzarella cheese, spinach and mushroom...

...and the Burger and Barrel Breakfast sandwich for me.  

I wish there had been a greater maple flavor from the maple butter on the bun but otherwise this was a big, tasty sandwich for the morning.

Mr. T went straight for lunch with the Classic Burger. This is always a good choice with a nice smashed patty, loads of crunchy fries and big onion rings on top.  

The restaurant stayed fairly quiet the entire meal and Carrie and I were the only ones in sight with a little buzz on.  If your looking for a more "manly" or quiet brunch in SOHO Burger and Barrel is an excellent choice.