Lunch at LIC Market

I love when a random day of wandering around turns into something delicious!  That's exactly what happened when I stumbled across LIC Market last week.  The cozy storefront wedged between two brownstones looked intriguing so I poked my head inside.

There I found a cozy, narrow space jam packed with people enjoying a lively lunch.  I stood by the front door waiting for a hostess and perused the various items on display...honey and preserves, candles and cheese boards...all made local and all for sale.  The hostess spotted me after a moment and I was seated at a table up front.  

The menu had an array of salads and sandwiches including some incredible sounding specials like Soft Shell Crab BLT and a Roasted Duck Spaghetti. It was so hot outside I decided to go light and ordered the Ricotta & Pignoli Salad with arugula and golden raisins.

My salad was wonderful...the arugula was dressed in a bright sherry vinaigrette with slices of juicy orange and toasted pine nuts dotted throughout.  I especially loved getting a bite of sweet raisin mixed into the ricotta was incredibly refreshing.  

As I ate a steady flow of business men and locals alike streamed in and out the door.  It was great to see so many people enjoying their food and a menu reflecting such affordable prices.  LIC Market has all one could want in a neighborhood joint and more.  I can't wait to stumble across it again!

LIC Market