Return to Congee Village

Ahhhh...there's nothing like visiting an old classic. It's been a couple years since I stopped in for a meal at Congee Village but it was business as usual on my recent visit.  The room was packed with large groups of families and assorted college students sharing large plates of food and numerous Mai Tai's.  Mr. T and I decided to order our old favorites...don't laugh at my Sesame Chicken order.  Yes it's Americanized Chinese food but it's done incredibly well here and come on...I was young once and this was my go to order.

Each bite is an enormous chunk of white meat chicken with a crispy outside that's both sweet and sour with a nice crunch and some gorgeous green broccoli.  Mr. T's favorite was always the Peking Style Pork.

The meat is super crispy, covered in a spicy red sauce and fried.  It's got a lot going on and may not be for everyone but he just loves it.  The waiter service was spotty as usual...I don't think I've ever had a great showing here but sometimes that's okay.  It's almost like coming home again.  Get a Mai Tai, join the crowds around you and enjoy for while.