Brunch at Sarabeth's

The newest location of Sarabeth opened in the former Primehouse space on Park Avenue South. The sprawling restaurant feels absolutely enormous with big round tables, black and white checkered floors and lots of large windows looking out onto the street.  The crowd wasn't too bad when we arrived. It was the Friday after the 4th of July so not technically the weekend but they were serving the brunch menu for the holiday.

I decided to take full advantage of the Friday brunch and order a Five Flower Mimosa's before moving onto my entree the Braised Short Rib Hash.

This dish was huge with tons of short rib, potatoes, poblano peppers and tomatillo sauce all topped off with two baked eggs.  This wasn't overly spicy at first but the heat intensified the more I ate.  If you like a big spicy breakfast in the morning this is right up your alley.  

The egg dishes come with a choice of muffin, croissant or scone.  I was incredibly excited for my Blueberry Scone but it was a disappointment.   The exterior was soft and glassy...almost like a processed muffin you would find packaged in the local bodega.  I would order the hefty English muffin next time.  Mr. T's had a fluffy interior with wonderful nooks and crannies just perfect for holding some fresh strawberry preserves and creamy butter.