Spice Market

I really enjoy Jean-George restaurants.  That man knows how to create a wonderful dining space, and Spice Market certainly fits that bill.  The inside is absolutely stunning with gorgeous wall carvings, porcelain bar stools and a Southeast Asia vibe that is so sexy and transporting you might forget you're still in the city if you stay long enough.  I was seated on the top level by the windows and began with an order of Pork Belly Steamed Buns with Tamarind Herb Sauce.

I loved the presentation of the buns, tucked away inside a little bamboo steamer.  They both had a big piece of meat along with a big hunk of fat, lots of cilantro and some spicy jalapeno.  I liked the spicy, sweet flavor of the buns but was surprised how much "sweet" there actually was inside.

Luckily I had some big crispy chips with a spicy chili sauce to cleanse my palate before my entree arrived.

My Chicken Pad Thai arrived looking absolutely fabulous, but once again I was shocked by the amount of "sweet" inside the dish.  A sugary glaze covered most of the poultry and noodles making it incredibly difficult to taste any distinct flavors in the dish. 

I passed on dessert and left...sad the experience upon walking out was quite different than my excitement upon walking in.  The aesthetic of the place is beautiful, as is the food, but I was expecting a little less sugar and a bit more "spice" in my Market experience.

Spice Market