Sake and the City

Last week I was invited to Astor Center for an evening of sake.  There were multiple exhibitors and I was surprised to find so many different variations in flavor.  I tried Ginkoubai Hannya Tou which started out sweet on my tongue but quickly melded into a hot pepper spice on the finish and a Kahori Mikan which blended local mandarin oranges and junmai sake together to create more of an aperitif.  I truly enjoyed everything I tried but these two really stood out as my favorites, from Kitaya Co. the KANSANSUI and AI NO HIME BENI.

The KANSANSUI on the left was fruity up front but incredibly soft and refined...the grainy texture from the rice almost nonexistent.  The AI NO HIME BENI on the right was similar in smooth mouthfeel but was actually a sparkling sake, so light and sweet I could see anyone enjoying it- sake lover or not.

Mixologists from Angels Share were creating savory sake cocktails while David Bouley's Brushstroke provided some tasty snacks like this Half-dried Washu Beef Jerky. 

If you want to learn more about sake this is a great event to try different styles and really explore the world of Japanese sake.

Astor Center NYC