Breads Bakery

I followed the delicious smell of yeasty bread last week and found myself at the brand new Breads Bakery just off Union Square.  I peered through the windows where these enormous heart shaped loaves beckoned me inside for a closer look.

Where I found some sugar dusted Almond Croissants that looked wonderful.

And behind the croissants a tray of Chocolate Rugelach.  

I've never enjoyed rugelach much, but these looked different.

More like mini croissants in shape and texture, the flaky shell easily fell apart into perfect layers of buttery dough...

...alternating with intense layers of chocolate which create a melt-in-your-mouth "oh my god this is glorious" moment that has never been sparked by a rugelach before.

I'm honestly a little obsessed with these tiny bakery creations.   I've been almost every day since they opened and was horrified when they ran out the other night.  Come early afternoon when a nice fresh batch rolls out of the back kitchen and devour with a piping hot espresso.  

Breads Bakery