Dinosaur BBQ- Stamford

One of my favorite BBQ places of all time just opened up another location in Connecticut.  What a perfect excuse to have lunch with my friend Carrie who just moved there and has a love for all things BBQ as I do...like this glorious mound of Dino Poutine.

Fresh cut fries, smothered in a rich beef gravy, topped with pimento cheese and a hefty topping of smoky pulled pork.  I've never seen this offered at other Dino locations and I'm not sure why.  It was insanely delicious, oozing cheese and gravy everywhere.  This would be the prefect thing to order after a long night of drinking...

...and speaking of drinking this location has a great beer list that focused on Connecticut Breweries.  We did a flight of their local beers and tried out some new ones I've never even heard of before.

A must order for me at Dinosaur is their Wango Tango wings.  They have a great spicy, sweet sauce and are so plump and juicy it's incredible.

To complete the meal we split a combo platter of Ribs and Pulled Pork.  The pork sandwich was perfect as always with a thin sweet sauce and squishy roll.  The Mac and Cheese would have been great but it suffered from over salting as did the ribs.  I'm hoping this was just a fluke because everything else was great.

The restaurant space looks just like the rest of the Dino's with a sizable crowd of families in the main room and die hard Orange fans at the bar.  It's close enough to the train station to walk but not exactly the nicest part of town so if you have a car I highly suggest driving.

Dinosaur BBQ