Restaurant Week at Nobu

I was about to spend the entire afternoon sipping Italian wines at Vinitaly last Monday, so I figured a nice big restaurant week lunch Nobu would give me a good solid base for the day.  I checked Opentable for a reservation and they were fully committed.  I decided to try for an open bar stool and found the sushi bar almost completely empty when I arrived around 1:00. I began with one of my old favorites the Creamy, Spicy Rock Shrimp Tempura.

The creamy, spicy sauce and lightly fried shrimp were almost as good as I remember from my last visit years ago...onto my entree the sushi assortment.

I've always thought Nobu's sushi was good, just nothing incredible.  Once again it elicited the same emotion from me.  Everything was fresh, the rice had some nice elements of soy and wasabi, but it's pretty standard sushi.  However the generous portion size made it quite the Restaurant Week Deal.

For dessert a Dulche de Leche Flan.  This seems to be the dessert of choice for many places for RW and this one had tasty elements of coffee and caramel.   Overall I pleased with my experience at Nobu.  Some of the usual niceties were missing...a hot towel upon arrival and a cup of tea at the end... but I left completely full with some actual change in my pocket.  That hasn't happened to me after a meal at Nobu ever.