Bonnie's Grill

Being a big fan of all food Buffalo, Bonnie's has been on my list to try for more years than I can remember.  More diner than restaurant, Mr. T walked in on Saturday afternoon and got the very last table in the back.    The menu had all sorts of sandwiches and fried bar food but we were there for strictly the Buffalo stuff- like the Beef on Weck.

This beast of a sandwich arrived and looked promising.  The big kummeleck bun was fresh and the meat had some nice soppy au jus.  I like my meat more on the rare side but this was delicious version nonetheless with great crispy fries on the side.

The wings were a bit of a disappointment.  They were nice and large but the sauce was thin and they lacked that snappy outer shell.

Luckily we were busy enjoying some Genny Cream Ale's (not the best but a Buffalo classic) and the feelings of nostalgia were enough to warrant a return trip soon.  

Bonnies Grill