Mike A at the Lafayette Hotel

It seems like ages ago now but I had a fantastic trip to Buffalo a few weeks back.  It's always wonderful to see family and friends but this time we threw in a little fine dining as well.  Have you ever seen such a massive and delicious looking Bone Marrow?

Let's be honest now...when you hear the city of Buffalo, the last thing you think of is fine dining.  Believe it or not among the Chicken Wings, Beef on Weck and beers we have some pretty amazing restaurants and it just seems to be getting better.  The completely remodeled and revamped Lafayette Hotel which houses Mike A's simply oozes old world charm. 

 We started out in the Lounge area with some fabulous cocktails  like the Bitter Beginnings above and the Twinkle Toes below.

The Bitter Beginnings  made of Green Tea Pisco and Agave had just the right amount of heat and bitterness while the Twinkle Toes was light, bubbly and refreshing.  As we were enjoying our drinks we noticed the bar area was doing a special restaurant week deal for the lounge only.  We all agreed the menu looked awesome and the price was significantly cheaper than the main dining room so we stayed put and ordered just about everything the lounge could offer...like that amazing Roasted Bone Marrow with capers, shall and parsley salad you saw above and a delectable Wagyu Beef Tartare.

It came inside a large flatbread cracker that reminded me a bit of a UFO.  The meat was exceptionally silky with a nice crunch from some Toasted Pinenut and a Truffled Egg Yolk up top.  Onto the Onion Soup Croquette.

We almost ordered two of these but one was more than enough for us to share.  The small, crunchy square was filled with rich Braised Oxtail, Caramelized Onion, Aerated Emmental Cheese and a Sherry Broth.

The Wedge Salad was nothing to write home about but a nice green among all of our heavy starters.  We needed at least one light plate since everyone ordered the Restaurant Week special that day- the Fxxk California Burger.

Why the Fxxk California?  Take a look at these enormous hunks of melty Foie Gras on top.

Mike A doesn't skimp apparently because this was a beast!

I could barely get my hands around this glorious burger.  I'm pretty sure I had some juice running down my face at points but I really didn't care.  I was in carnivore heaven.  Obviously we were way to stuffed for dessert so that will have to be saved for a return trip. We stopped into the main dining room on the way out and it was so gorgeous I almost wanted to eat again just to have a moment in the beautiful room.  Welcome to Buffalo Mike A's!  We are so incredibly happy to have you.

Mike A Lafayette