Buffalo Wrap Up

I did so much during my stay it would take a week to rehash all the food I ate. So here's a quick wrap up.  As usual I stopped into the Bar Bill for my favorite Buffalo Wings in the world.

I seriously start to drool a little just looking at this picture.  If you love wings this is a serious must when visiting.  I started every morning with my family at Elm Street Bakery for coffee and pastries.

I enjoyed a wonderful Lobster Salad with my parents at Black and Blue.

And I even had a chance to stop by the old Broadway Market right in downtown Buffalo.  The Broadway Market used to be like Reading Terminal in Philadelphia  packed with food vendors and families shopping for groceries and picking up lunch.  The old space looked so empty I could hardly believe my eyes.  I was getting really sad walking around until I saw Melanie's Bakery at the very end of the market. 

One bite of these pumpkin cookies and I was transported back to my Uncle Walter's bakery where my family and I would pick up fresh loaves of rye bread. Uncle Walter would always walk outside with us to smoke his cigar and suddenly a big box of cookies would be getting shoved through the window.  My Father would try to protest, but the kid in him wanted them just as bad as my brothers and I.  By the time we got down the block all three of us would have at least two cookies in hand, munching away in the backseat of our old Thunderbird. Dinner was always ruined but it didn't matter on these occasions- these were special   Thanks for the memory Melanie!