Hurricane Sandy Update

Sorry for the extreme lull in posting.  Mr. T and I have been without power or water since Monday but are trying to keep in good spirits.  We survived on our pie from South Brooklyn Pizza for a few days.

I have to say this was a serious pre-Hurricane score.  The pizza was delicious and held up amazing well for about three days.  When that ran out we were lucky enough to find Hill Country BBQ open yesterday.

What's better than a big plate of smoked meat and a couple of cold beers?  Plus we could actually use a working bathroom and our cell phones.  We walked up to Hell's Kitchen finally last night to stay with friends and shower.  We are certainly fortunate to have people helping us out right now and we are nowhere near the worst.  It's humbling to see the damage that has happened to some people.  I'm thinking of everyone hit by the storm and sending only good, positive vibes out to you.  Stay Safe Everyone!