Dinner at Colicchio and Sons

We went out with Mr. T's entire family a few weeks back to celebrate his sister's birthday at Colicchio & Sons. The large open space was ideal for big groups and all seven of us fit comfortably around a round table perfect for conversation.   To begin two amuse bouche- Parsnip Soup and a Liverwurst Gruyere Gougere

The soup reminded me of the parsnip soup we had on my birthday at Daniel with that same creamy texture and warm bitter flavor. The gougere was surprisingly fantastic as well.  It tasted like a decadent french onion soup dumpling.  Onto appetizers Roasted Octopus with Caramelized Endive, Citrus and Chorizo Vinaigrette.

The octopus had been slow roasted resulting in a tender yet hearty dish that was amazing.  Although I enjoy a tad more char, this was the best octopus dish I've had since Babbo.  

Mr. T ordered the Sweetbreads which were also nice and tender but neither of us liked the large pool of squid ink underneath.  However we both loved his entree the Roasted Duck with Pancetta-Wrapped Fig and Bitter Greens. 

Seriously look at this glorious piece of poultry!  Words can't describe how wonderful this was...the salty sweet pancetta-wrapped fig accompaniment took this dish over the top.  It was incredible.

My Fluke with Yukon Gold Potatoes, Leeks and Burgundy Truffle may not look as fabulous as the duck but it was right up there in flavor.  I mean really, Burgundy Truffle...what's not to love about that.

For dessert Mr. T ordered the seasonal Pumpkin Pie that came with a crunchy pumpkin seed brittle on top (which I ended up devouring ) while I went classic with a Salted Caramel Chocolate Tart.

The dinner ended with a pot of Stumptown Coffee, a selection of petit fours and a pumpkin muffin for each person to bring home for breakfast. Colicchio & Sons was absolutely perfect for the family celebration.

Colicchio and Sons