A Tipsy Parson Brunch

Sunday before the storm Mr. T's sister was heading back to Florida so we all met up for a brunch.  This was actually my pre-hurricane preparation meal so I went all out starting with a hearty bowl of mac and cheese.

I'm happy I split this starter because it was so rich and creamy I probably would have ate the whole thing myself and been unable to move.  The cavatelli noodles were perfect for keeping in all the sweet grafton cheese goodness and the breadcrumbs up top gave a nice crunch.

My entree the Migas was like a southern Huevos Rancheros.  The soft scrambled eggs were okay but I would probably order their Farm Stand dish with Brussels Sprout next time.

Mr. T went with some traditional southern brunch fare Fried Chicken and Waffles while I rounded out my meal with a nice peachy Bellini.

After lunch we went shopping for hurricane rations and Mr. T's sister got one of the last flights out of Laguardia.  Time to buckle down for the storm.