Lunch at Ilili

There's nothing better than spending a relaxing afternoon over food and Ilili is a perfect place for unwinding. The gorgeous room and soothing Mediterranean music make me feel like I've been transported to some exotic far off land.  The food is quite wonderful as well.  The last visit we started with the Manti- lamb dumplings with yogurt foam, tomato and pine nuts.

I was expecting bigger dumplings but I loved how tiny and dense these were. The combination of spicy lamb and cooling yogurt was an excellent play on flavor and texture.  It was honestly quite a sexy little dish.

The Black Iron Shrimp arrived in a little skillet covered in garlic, jalapeno and a sizzling butter sauce.

The Phoenician Fries came out nice and crisp covered with Sumac, Parsley and an addictive spicy Garlic Whip.  Mr. T and I both agreed these fries were fantastic.  Ilili can transport me any day...