When Tortaria opened on University Place this past year I was immediately nostalgic for my college days.  Cheap and fast Mexican food was the base of my existence back then and this place looked so much nicer than my dining hall taco stand. 

I stopped in late Sunday afternoon and they were still serving brunch.  My Tacos Huevos had a nice spicy, black bean spread on the bottom but lacked flavor due to overcooked eggs and only a sprinkling of Queso Fresco.

My frozen margarita was pretty lackluster as well.  Do you remember eating Icy Pops when you were little?  Imagine that in a glass and you know how this drink tasted. 

So although Tortaria was a disappointment  it made me kind of happy to see the place packed with young people  Maybe all college kids just love crappy Mexican food.  Who am I to judge:)

Tortaria NYC