I always walk by this cute rustic place so when a friend asked to meet up for dinner in SOHO I thought it was a perfect opportunity to try it out.  It happened to be Happy Hour when I stopped in.  There was quite a nice spread out on the bar of various little snacks.

One could make a meal out of apertivo treats alone but we were here for dinner so I skipped the snacks and ordered appetizers instead.

The Chicken Liver Pate was wonderful and quite a large portion as well.  A nice layer of Bacon Marmalade sat atop the pate which really helped cut the fat and smooth out the flavor.  Unfortunately the Crab and Avocado special didn't fare as well.

This sounded great on paper but suffered horribly from hard unripened avocado and over-salted crab.  It was so bad we both had one bite and pushed it away.  Entrees fared a bit better, my friend loved her Whole Wheat Orecchiette with Lamb and Mushroom.

I went with the waitress recommendation and ordered Taglierini- saffron-flavored pasta, Florida rock shrimp, roasted tomato, marjoram and hot pepper.

I was honestly surprised at how bland this dish was.  I was expecting lots of spice and herbs but I only tasted  a little heat and barely any saffron at all.  It wasn't terrible but it wasn't that great either.

Overall Emporio was hit or miss.  If I found myself in SOHO again craving Italian I would certainly check out Rubiroso or Parm first.