I take Mr. T out to a birthday meal of his choice every year.  Past meals have included Nobu, Sushi Yasuda, En Japanese, Bohemian...notice a pattern?  This year I wanted to break the mold and do something different, something he would truly love but not necessarily safe.  Jungsik just so happened to be that perfect place.

We were seated in a corner banquette of the gorgeous dining room and started out with a crisp bottle of Pinot Gris.

Then the parade of food began.  Our first plate of amuse bouche- Sesame Rice Noodle, Compressed Watermelon with Balsamic, Vegetable Noodle, Crispy Chicken with Kimchi.

Second amuse bouche-  Burgers and Fries

Mini Bulgogi Burgers

Potato Puree French Fries with Carrot Ketchup

Bread Service- Olive Roll

Earl Gary and Raisin Brioche

Butter and Salt

Third Amuse- Cilantro Soup (Mr. T had a Tomato Gazpacho for his Cilantro allergy)

First Course- YELLOWTAIL HWE Raw Yellowtail Chojang

Second Course- JUNGSIK SALAD Crunchy Salad, Seaweed, Quail Egg

Third Course- SEA SCALLOP Mussel, Thai Curry Broth

Fourth Course- SEA URCHIN Korean Seaweed Rice, Crispy Quinoa

(Special Birthday Dish) KOREAN BIRTHDAY BOWL Kimchi, Seaweed and Rice

Fifth Course- OCTOPUS Ssamjang Aioli

Sixth Course- HERB SOOJEBI Hand-Picked Noodle, Spicy Shellfish Broth, Baby Squid

Fifteen Minute Break to digest and order another bottle of wine- Cab Franc.

Seventh Course CLASSIC FISH Black Cod, Soy Pepper Marinade

Eighth Course SMOKED PORK JOWL Pickled Ramp

Tea Selection


Tenth Course DESSERT TASTING  Strawberry Cremeux, (Not sure of the middle but it was delicious) Green Tea Cremeux

Digestif- CHOCOLATE MOUSSE Sesame Cocoa Nib, Creme Brulee 

Sweet Treats to End- Financier, Mango Balsamic Chocolate, Macaron

This meal was absolutely unbelievable.  Each and every course was inventive, exciting and completely unlike anything I have ever experienced in Korean cuisine.  We were blown away.  Not only was the food delicious but the service was absolutely impeccable.  The waiters were informative about the ingredients and truly seemed excited about each dish as it was presented.  They even gave us a special birthday menu for Mr. T.

Yes this is an expensive meal, not one I can do often, but completely worth it for special occasion and one I will not soon forget.   



Kathy YL Chan said…
I might have to visit just for that sea urchin dish, amazing! ^_^
Roze said…
I think you need to try every sea urchin dish in the city :)