Of course we all know the Ramen at Ippudo is almost life changing.  The lines stretch around the block at all hours of the day for those hungry and eagerly awaiting their bowl of noodles.  But what about the other menu items.  You really shouldn't leave without trying the Hirata Buns.

The squishy steamed buns are chock full of pork and covered in a delectable spicy sauce.  The Hamachi Gom-Shoyu is no joke either

Incredibly fresh Yellowtail Shashimi tossed in a light sesame soy sauce and garnished with a little diced jalapeno.  It's a great light dish for a hot summer day that still has a little bit of kick .

Only order a cocktail if you like it strong.  My Bloody Mary had so much liquor inside my throat was on fire.   I'll be sticking with a cold refreshing beer next visit for sure.