The Cake Boss Cafe

I don't watch the Cake Boss.  I know he has a ton of followers but for some reason he just doesn't excite me. But when a Cake Boss Cafe opened inside the Discovery Times Square I had to check it out.  I mean if he has all these fans his cake must be good right?

After walking through a bit of a maze to find the cafe I settled on ordering the Red Velvet Cake.  I say I settled because there were only two other options in the case and all quite pricey at $10.00.

This was so disappointing.   The cake itself was dry and they seemed to be compensating for that by adding an incredibly sweet and thick cream cheese frosting to the inside.  I honestly felt sick to my stomach after a couple of bites because it was so overloaded with sugar.  

To add insult to injury the service at the cafe was some of the worst I've ever experienced.  No one seemed to know what was going on, everyone was slow as molasses and the whole place needed a good scrubbing. I ended up tossing about $8 worth of cake in a garbage can in Times Square without a second thought.  This is one place not worth the time or money.

Cake Boss Cafe


Pitted Pruner said…
Is that a cock-nipple cake???
Roze said…
OMG It kind if is! More reason to hate it Pruner!