Bareburger Bayside

Have you noticed that this little burger chain is popping up everywhere?  There are so many I'm starting to think NYC will become only Duane Reade's, Starbucks and Bareburgers.  They've become popular so quick I just had to check one out.  So I met up with my friend and his new baby boy at the Bayside branch.

The inside was cute and cozy.  There were big wooden tables, bright colors on the walls and a cute array of burger condiments that I thought were funny.  The specialty here is organic meat of all different kinds in burger form.  We started with two different types of sliders to start- Ostrich and Elk.

The Elk sliders were good.  There was definitely a strong, deep flavor to the meat but it wasn't gamey at all.  They put pickles on top which I thought took away from the meat a bit so I would order without those next time.

The Ostrich were a bit more moist than the elk which I enjoyed.  Sorry the picture is all bun no burger, the baby was distracting me from my photo taking.  He was trying to dig into our main event the Supreme Burger.

This little guy is gonna be quite the gourmand I can tell:)  The menu listed the Supreme as having Colby Jack, Gourmet Battered Onion Rings, Blackened Maple Bacon, Chopped French Fires and Bareburger Special Sauce.  If you're thinking that's a whole lot to put on a burger you're correct.  I enjoyed this but it was really hard to taste the actual burger.

So overall Bareburger was decent but I won't be running back.   I like the fact you can order different meats, buns and sides to customize your burger experience but it's an expensive customization at that.  Our Ostrich sliders were almost $15!  That's a little steep for such little meat (ha!).  I'm sticking to Shake Shack for my burger fix.



julie said…
i love this place.. seems like u r in bayside here and there... there are so many yummy places... you should try korean bbq at san soo gap san... or flushing is a short 7 ride away... =)
Roze said…
Thanks Julie! Last time I was in Flushing we went to Xiao Long Bao and had the best dumplings. I will definitely check out San Soo Gap San. Looks delicious!