Dessert Only at Quality Meats

I swung by Quality Meats one hot, humid afternoon  dying for a dressed up scoop.   I'm not gonna lie I had been dreaming about my RW meal there and just wanted another little taste of their goods :) I loved the Coffee and Doughnuts but this was even better. 

On the bottom a layer of coconut cake, covered with smooth, creamy green tea ice cream and topped with a caramelized, coconut cookie.  The bartender told me this was his favorite of the scoops and I have to agree.  Now I have a whole new dessert to dream about this week!

Quality Meats NYC


julie said…
what is this one?
Roze said…
It's simply called the Green Tea Coconut. I don't think they've updated their online dessert menu yet since I didn't see it but it's on the regular one!