Pub Eats Week Day Two- Mr. Dennehy's

Listen folks- I have to be honest.  I would love to say I eat out a fabulous places each and every night- enjoying the finest wine and culinary new delights.  But I don’t.  In fact I spend a good amount of time at bars and I tend to soak up the beers with some mozzarella sticks.  But never have I encountered any quite like this.

These logs of fried cheese were absolutely enormous!  I barely finished one before I felt a little like gagging from all cheese.  They looked delicious but the ratio was really off and they ended up being too much.

A much better fried food option here would be the French fries.  They come straight in a paper bag with skin on and a nice salty crunch.  The addition of a spicy dipping sauce is always a nice touch as well.  This is certainly not a bar to seek out but it gets the job done when needed. 

Mr. Dennehys