Meat at Manzo

What do you think about Razza Piemontese Beef- not sure?  Well thank goodness for Manzo then where they really like to celebrate this meat.  I stopped by the other day for the Seared Striploin with Trumpet Royale Mushroom & Foie Gras Sugo.

Wow- some seriously beautiful plating here.  The seared beef was perfectly tender with a rich melted foie gras sauce oozing into it with a side of hearty mushroom and bitter aruglua.  I have to say while the meat was delicious the mushrooms really made the dish.  Something about the earthiness helped smooth the rich sauce and really brought it all together.

I stopped by the Pasticceria on the way out and tried out the mini Raspberry Yogurt.  It was certainly tasty but much too sweet for my tastebuds.  It felt a bit like eating straight jelly. 

Manzo is now also offering a $29.00 3 course prix fix lunch Monday thru Friday.  You know I’m all over that for sure.