Happy Easter!

Do you remember what I got for Mr. T last year for Easter ?  Well Eataly did it again this year so you better believe I was first in line to make my own egg with a special surprise inside.  I was so excited I couldn't wait to give it to him either.  My egg in it's plastic box (the chocolate was excellent by the way).

Wait- here comes the surprise...an army man inside just for him!

When Mr. T was little he and his brother were playing with their army men while on vacation.  Mr T's Mom saw another little boy all alone on the beach with no toys and promptly picked up all their army men and gave them to him as a present.  Obviously Mrs. T was doing a good deed but the both Mr. T and his brother were little boys and all they knew was that their prized possession's were gone! 

This story is told and retold on family gatherings, holidays, etc.  I figured he finally needed to get his toy.  So there you have it.  We're off to Zum Schneider tomorrow to enjoy our annual brunch there- hope everyone has something a little sweet this weekend!