Pub Eats Day Four- A Tale of Two Bar Burgers

Sometimes in one's life a bad burger must fall.  Its really too bad when it does since it's pretty hard to go wrong with some ground meat and cheese on a bun usually.  Such was the case last week at Amsterdam Ale House.

At first glance it looked okay.  The fries were decent enough and the cheese was oozing a bit but inside the meat itself was a mess.  The middle had this funky wet slimy texture.  It wasn't underdone just really gross meat.  It was so bad Mr. T couldn't even get through half and he never leaves a burger.  Fast forward three nights later and we were back out watching games this time at NY Beer Company.

Luckily this burger was much better.  The meat was cooked perfect, had a nice amount of seasoning and actually fit the bun!  It still wasn't a mind blowing burger but one that certainly gets the job done and satisfies like a burger should.

Their flat bread pizzas were actually pretty okay as well.  The crusts needed to be crisped up a bit but the four cheeses had good flavor in the middle.  Again nothing to run out for but decent bar food to soak up some beers while sports are the priority.

The best part about NY Beer Company is the beer selection.  I was surprised a big sports bar like this had so many great beers.  Special Note- you can order a growler for the table and the price is significantly less than buying separately.  Plus you have the fun of a growler as well!!  Last day of Pub Eats Week tomorrow!

NY Beer Company

Amsterdam Ale House