Pub Eats Week Day One- The Best Bare Bones Burger at Two 8 Two

Two 8 Two sits on Atlantic Avenue right before the Smith Street hustle and bustle. I stopped in early one Friday and started with the special happy hour Mojito.

This was pretty good for $6 but the mint had been so shredded I feared horrible green stems in my teeth with every sip. Best bet to stick with one of their local beers like a Captain Lawrence instead. Onto what you're really here for- the food. This is the Billy Burger- hamburger with cheddar cheese, grilled onions (on the side for me- I have control issues) and two8two sauce.

When this burger arrived I honestly sighed a little- it didn't look like it had much potential. Then I took a bite and I couldn't believe how much flavor there was! The meat had this slightly smokey flavor with a nice char. I honestly can't tell you why the meat in this burger was so good it just was. The bun was a squishy potato roll perfect for holding in all the juices but made even better by a little butter and time on the griddle. I seriously kept looking at this burger over and over again trying to figure out what had me hooked.

The onion rings were pretty good as well. They didn't have as much grease as most but it was really all about the burger for me. It was just perfect.

In a town where $15 burgers can be the norm this was perfectly priced as well at $7.50. The onion rings were extra of course but still under $5.00. Wallet friendly, good beers on tap and even an outdoor garden in the back. This is my go-to burger in Brooklyn for sure.