Pub Eats Day Three- Blondies

Any time there’s a serious discussion about buffalo wings in this city, Blondies always seems to have a lot of supporters.  It’s been on my list for years but only last week did I finally get a chance to stop by.

Don’t come here expecting to find an extensive beer list- as you can see I settled for a Blue Moon.  This place is more about sports (which are everywhere on their plethora of televisions) and of course the wings.  I got two orders- one Hot and one Honey BBQ.

Just by looking you can see they are a bit smaller than ones you get in Buffalo but not by much.  Onto taste this is seriously what happened in my head after taking my first bite- WhaaaaaaBlam!!!! 

These were so spot on!  The outside had a bit of crunch and the spicy, sweet flavor was all perfectly there.  Even the blue cheese was the perfect thickness for dipping.  Hands down- these are the best buffalo wings I’ve had in NYC to date.


Unfortunately the Honey BBQ were pretty bad- more spicy BBQ with hardly any honey flavor but the wafer fries were quite delicious.

And really what more do you need than these almost perfect buffalo wings!  Blondies is awesome.  If you’re looking for the best wings in town you need to look no further.