We stopped by Peels for brunch the other day and were seated upstairs immediately despite a large crowd waiting outside.  The airy space was gorgeous but unfortunately the loud music made it very difficult to talk, much less think.  I started out with a Gypsy Rose.

Sloe Gin & Cherry Heering, topped off with a champagne float made this one of the most unique and delicious brunch cocktails I’ve had to date- it was good start.  Unfortunately things went downhill from here.

While my biscuit was the light, fluffy and buttery orb of carbs everyone raves about, the fried chicken was an utter disappointment.  My chicken was incredibly overcooked- burnt even, and had a laughable amount for meat.  Worse yet- Mr. T’s Biscuits and gravy came out ice cold and lacking the main component- gravy!

These issues weren’t remedied either because our waiter was no where to be found.  By the time he came back around we just got the check and left. The loud music, cold food and terrible service couldn’t warrant another minute’s aggravation.  So sorry Peels I wanted to like you but you gave me no choice.