Yes I am at the Tavern Yet Again!

I swear I don’t work for the Gramercy Tavern or anything I just love to go there. I’ll keep this one short. I returned for yet another lunch and couldn’t stray from their delicious burger.

It was delicious as usual, although the cheese didn’t seem quite as pungent as before even though it was still the Cabot Cloth Bound Cheddar. Maybe I had the stanky end last time? The Heirloom Tomato was seasonally replaced this time by a side of creamy potato salad with some little chunks of bacon. Mmmmm bacon…

And for dessert another seasonal favorite Apple Pie. I loved how Gramercy didn’t try to fancy this up in any way. It was straight forward with a ton of crispy, warm cinnamon apples and buttery crust and a cooling scoop of ice cream on the side. Just like Mom used to make.