Flex Doughnuts is Back at Grand Central

I was walking through Grand Central yesterday and was shocked to see the holiday markets up already. Then I walked downstairs and was shocked again to see Flex Doughnuts had returned at the Zocalo outpost. I would finally get a chance to try one- so many flavors. I'm pretty much obsessed with anything Salted Caramel these days.

Pumpkin and Cranberry- very seasonal.

Pecan Pie- on a Doughnut!

Apple-Cinnamon and Maple, Bacon, Bourbon stick.

And finally Zak's Birthday doughnut which was a Chocolate Cake with Peanut Butter frosting, Dark Chocolate shavings and lots of glitter! Just like Zak used to use on Top Chef Just Desserts.

The lines are usually incredibly long and they sell out fast so get there while you can!