Nan Xiang Xiao Long Bao

Doesn’t the name just say it all? What it should say it extra tasty dim sum! Mr. T and I traveled out to Flushing the other day (man we’ve been in Queens a lot lately) and enjoyed the day walking around the various malls and shops and finally landed at Nan Xiang for some lunch. This tiny little place was packed! We got a table up front and then the fod started to descend. First some Pan Fried Pork Dumplings.

These enormous dumplings were pillow like in texture and just the right amount of crispiness on the bottom. I was in heaven. But wait…here comes more. Soup Dumplings!

We went for the crab and pork and I have to say these the skin on these was the thinnest I’ve ever had. Nibble, slurp, nibble, slurp…Yummmmmm…soupy dumplings…. But Wait! The Best is yet to come!

Scallion Pancake with Beef! Where have you been all of my life! I’ve always loved the Scallion Pancake but sandwich some sticky beef inside and slather it with hoisin sauce and this took it to a whole new level! Easily the best pancake I have ever had. Thank goodness it’s out in Flushing or I’d become one plump little girl pretty quick. After lunch we stopped by the Flushing Mall for some treats at Deli Manjoo. It was really neat to watch them filling the little molds with batter, then injecting the custard until finally it comes out nicely wrapped in plastic and ready to go.

Each one comes out shaped like a little corn on the cob.

And it even comes in its own cute carrying case. Stylish and affordable! A wonderful afternoon in Flushing complete.