Gramercy Tavern Desserts

One of the best parts about living so close to Gramercy Tavern is the ability to just stop by on a random night for a drink, appetizer or just a snack. We stopped in last week just to indulge in some delicious sweets. Mr. T ordered the Ricotta Cheesecake with Fudge Brownie and Black Currant Sorbet.

The cheesecake was ultra smooth and creamy going perfect with the tart sorbet. I enjoyed Mr. T’s choice but preferred my Chocolate Hazelnut Layer Cake.

Each layer of this cake is like eating a decadent Roche. The Sweet Cream Ice Cream really helps cut the richness and the hazelnut foam gave it that extra special touch.
I topped my dessert off with a glass of Barbera while Mr. T went extra sweet with their house made hot chocolate. What a perfect little treat for a chilly autumn night.

Gramercy Tavern