A Little Lunch at Manzo

My last restaurant in Eataly to try out is also supposed to be the most expensive and the best. Somehow I was worried it wouldn’t live up to the hype and kept putting off a meal there. Finally one rainy day it seemed just perfect and I went over for a solo lunch.

I had made a reservation but the hostess said it would be a minute for my table when I arrived. I always see the bar when I’m there and was astonished to see so many tables behind it. How could I have missed that! I took a seat at the bar instead and a glass of Prosecco arrived to help the decision making process.

After ordering the bread basket arrived. At every other place in Eataly the bread basket is thick cut pieces of a soft brown bread that is a little sour. Only at Manzo did I receive the squares of Focaccia and a few eggy slices inside. As always a healthy dollop of olive oil was present for dipping until my appetizer arrived. Mozzarella with Almonds, Brown Butter and Guaniciale.

I’ve had the mozzarella in the Piazza countless times but this had so much more flavor. The brown butter gave it this rich, smokiness and I loved the crunch of the almonds and the crispy pieces of guaniciale. Unfortunately the bread had been slathered with too much olive oil so I relied on the bread basket for my carb fix but that was fine. After polishing off this and moving on to a glass of Pinto Nero it was entree time. The Carne Cruda al Cotello with Enoki Mushrooms and Black Truffle Bruschetta.

The presentation of this dish excited me because it was so simple. I cut into the perfectly poached quail egg and swirled the runny yolk into the tender meat and it was delightful. The black truffle gave it a deep earthy flavor and if it wasn’t for the extra olive oil beneath I probably would have polished off the entire dish. I understand the merits of a good olive oil but sometimes I wish Eataly wouldn’t have such a heavy hand with it on everything. However I did really enjoy the dish and I would happily return for a lovely glass of red and this any day. Finally all of the restaurants are completed!



Nicole Gamble said…
I think, now, I have to go there! To see for myself!