Tasting the Wines of Lombardia at La Scuola

Man November has been busy! We attended this tasting a few weeks ago but it was so wonderful I just have to tell you about it. Now I’ve been to La Scuola before for some promotional tastings but this was one we bought so I was excited to see how it compared.

The wine line up looked great and when I saw the first food course I was really excited!

Two wonderful pieces of Montauk Striped Bass Crudo with a little slice of blood orange on top. Talk about a great start to the tasting! We enjoyed this with our Cuvee Rose Brut and it was a match made in heaven. Next up some Salumi E Fromaggi Misti.

I love trying different meats and cheese with wine. It’s probably one of my favorite things in the world. Here the gorgonzola was surprisingly smooth and I loved tasting the two different types of pecorino- one called the poor mans and one regular. After this start I was getting pretty stuffed between all the bread and wine but more was to come. Actually it was straight up dinner!

Vitello Alla Milanese Con Finocchio E Rucola. I’m not usually a fan of Veal Milanese but this one was amazing. The breading was light and had a little bit of spice that complemented the meat nicly. They even gave us the recipes for this dish to recreate at home.

Did you forget this all at a wine tasting? I almost did. We finished with a wonderful full bodied red and I was incredibly full and happy. Mr. T and I agreed this was the best tasting we have ever been too. The speaker was great and the food and wine were absolutely amazing. I'm thinking this may be may holiday gift for people.