Robecelli's Cupcakes are Everywhere!

Over in Brooklyn Heights sits Tazza, a mainly coffee and bakery type place that also morphs into a wine and panini bar as the day goes on. I’ve walked by a million times, looking at their sweets but never really stopping. Until one day last week when the cupcakes inside looked so delicious I just had to have one.

I asked the woman behind the counter what the flavors were and I was surprised she didn’t know. After a few moments she consulted a menu and was able to list off the names but looked pretty unsure of her descriptions so I just picked one and hoped for the best.

Opening up the wrapper I was hit with such an intense smell of fresh apples and a hint of cider. Peeling away the wrapper an insanely moist cake was reveled with little flecks of real apple throughout. The edges of the cupcake top were perfectly chewy and the ultra silky vanilla cream was extra buttery with just a drizzle of maple syrup and oat crisp on top! I ate every last bite of this cupcake including a thorough scraping of the bottom wrapper to ensure I had gotten every last morsel.

I was so excited about this cupcake I went back to the office to try and Google the actual name. That’s when I realized this was no ordinary cupcake- it was a Robicelli’s. This was one of their fall specials the Apple Maple Crisp. The description said it contained Roasted Apple Butter which explains the amazing frosting on top. I couldn’t believe I didn’t recognize the Robicelli trademarks earlier! How awesome to know these delicious cupcakes are only blocks away from my office. But it gets even better! Below is their Hot Buttered Rum Cupcake.

I went from Fall flavors to Winter all in one week. The trademark buttercream frosting was there and the butter rum soaked cake still had the crispy edges as usual.

Except this was even closer to home. An outpost at the Union Square Holiday shops! I think I’ve died and gone to cupcake heaven.