A Snowy Day at Tournesol

Mr. T and I trekked out to Long Island City two Saturday’s ago to have brunch with some friends when the steady rain turned into a full fledged snow storm. We both were absolutely covered in snow and ice walking from the train station. Luckily the inside of Tournesol was warm and cozy. We hung our wet coats at the front and joined our friends who were already at a table in the back.

After braving the crazy weather a nice bottle of Bordeaux was calling. We put in our order, sipped some wine and chatted. I loved the feel of Tournesol. I really felt like I was back in a French bistro with the French speaking waitresses and tiny little tables. So I ordered something from Paris I was craving- Steak Frites.

This dish was classic. A perfectly medium rare cut of beef, a zesty side salad and a mound of golden frites. The frites weren’t as crispy as I usually like them but for some reason they really hit the spot. I think I got through about half of the huge pile and Mr. T polished off the rest.

If it we didn’t have plans later that night (and my friend’s wife wasn’t 8 ½ months pregnant) I could have sat there all day. Just sipping on wine and watching the snow fall outside. It was such a relaxing, cute little place. Since then they’ve had a little baby boy so we just might have to go back again to celebrate!