Upstate Dinner at the Washington Irving Boat Club

I traveled up to White Plains on Sunday to do some serious shopping at the Westchester mall. Shopping is one of my least favorite past times but my friend Carrie and I really needed to pick up some summer wardrobe items before fall fashion season begins. After about two hours we had completely canvassed the entire mall, each bought an item and were ready to call it quits with a couple of beers and some good food.

We drove down to the Washington Irving boat club in Tarrytown and had a couple beers on their beautiful outdoor patio that overlooks the Tappan Zee Bridge. Once we started to get a little hungry we moved over to the restaurant part of the club, Sunset Cove, and got a wonderful seat right on the water’s edge.

We weren’t starving so we decided to just split some appetizers, which ended up being a great idea since we really filled up on the first item- the bread basket.

Now I am not a huge bread fan, but this was fantastic. I could smell the rosemary roll off the basket as soon as the waitress placed it down and the smell was just a prelude to the wonderful flavor. The bread had a super crunchy ends and a warm soft middle with strong flavors of fresh rosemary that went perfectly with the creamy whipped butter.

Our first appetizer was the Maryland Crab cake with Sweet Pepper Marmelatta and Spicy Remoulade.

This was very tasty. The crab cake was very lightly breaded so the full fresh crab flavor was abundant and the sauces on the side were perfect. I also enjoyed the extra dollop of horseradish they put on the plate. I love a little kick with my crab and this brought the whole dish together.

Our other appetizer of the night was the Cristino.

Roasted Italian bread topped with fig jam, prosciutto and goat cheese. This dish was awesome! Prosciutto, goat cheese and fig are three of my favorite things so putting them together just made it that more enjoyable. The bread could have been a tad less toasted but all of the flavors were spot on. I loved this dish so much I’m planning to recreate at home this week for dinner.

So that was our meal at the boat club. Although we only ordered appetizers we were both stuffed after the meal with the addition of the bread basket. Plus I saw a new kind of beer can.

Look at this Coors Light. It looks like it comes in its own water bottle! This proved to be a great vessel for keeping the beer extra cold while sitting on the patio’s all day. Plus we saw a beautiful sunset on the way out which just made my night. It’s nice to take a break from the city once in a while.