Another Summer Lobster Roll

Just by looking at this picture below would you be able to guess where this roll came from? Maybe if you lived in the Westchester area you would know. It’s a Stew Leonard lobster roll!

Yes! Stew Leonard the supermarket! I had no idea they carried such things in their deli. There were a couple nice big chunks of lobster, a little mayo and some dill on a buttered potato bun. This is obviously no where near the huge glorious bounty of lobster of Pearl lobster roll, but it’s not too shabby either. And for the price it can’t be beat. This little guy cost me $5.00. That’s all!! I talked to a few Stew Leonard regulars and they said the price is usually closer to $8.00 but my roll was a little on the skimpier size. I’ll admit I could have had a bit more salad but now that I know I’ll just ask for another scoop! This almost makes me want to move to the suburbs…errr well not quite just yet.